CASCAJARES Truffled Poulard


A perfect roast for 5-6 people, it is prepared in a very simple, fast and easy way. Perfect to have a dinner with friends or to celebrate a birthday or an anniversary. It does not contain gluten. Refrigerated product. Keep between 1 and 8 degrees.

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59,99 € tax incl.

For an optimal result, mix the mushroom sauce (included) with the fat that surrounds the Pularda. As garnishes we recommend accompanying with canned chestnuts, shallots, potatoes or sautéed mushrooms, all of them products that you can easily find in your usual establishment.

Remove the thighs and wings. Fry the Pularda cold (it is easier than hot), in slices more or less fine. Place the Pularda in the oven tray, along with the thighs, wings and one of the garnishes (suggested below). Sprinkle everything with mushroom sauce. Bake 30 minutes at 180ºC.

Weight Filled Poulard 1.2 Kg aprox, vacuum packed, accompanied by a half a liter bag of mushroom sauce.
Temperatura de conservación Refrigerado
Sin gluten Suitable for celiacs-
Sin Lactosa Apto para intolerantes a la lactosa